Mom visits, Paris, and Wales!

First,  I’d like to apologize for not blogging in awhile. Time has been flying by here in Europe! While I’ve been away many things have happened! First, my mother came to visit London! It was one of the greatest experiences being with her over here!! I did my best to show her all of the landmarks in London and we even took a ride in the London Eye. The following weekend I visited Paris. Paris was amazing and we visited so many attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Palace of Versailles, and the Louvre. This past weekend my IFSA study abroad program took everyone on an adventure weekend to Wales. We did not have the best weather, but the adventures were very fun. I was fortunate enough to be able to do the high ropes all day on Saturday. It was great to test my limits and do things I wouldn’t normally do. It was also great to spend a weekend with everyone from our program and make new friends! Here are some pictures. Enjoy! 

Recent Adventures!

The past couple of weeks have been great! I did a lot of relaxing, but yet enjoyed a lot of new things! A couple weeks ago we adventured to Stonehenge! This was covered by our IFSA program and was a wonderful Saturday get away! This past weekend we traveled to Scotland! We started in Edinburgh and then spent one night in Glasgow to visit another student from McKendree that is studying abroad! Can’t wait for the next few weekends because my mother will be here and then a lovely weekend to Paris!! Enjoy the pictures 🙂







Ireland- The green land

This past weekend we visited Dublin! At first site, it seemed like just another city, but once we were there for awhile it was really something special. The people there were very friendly!! Their accents were beautiful and very easy to understand. Some of the way they pronounced words were very funny. When they were talking about time and would say “three thirty” it sounded like three turdy. We all found it very amusing. The city was great because we never used public transportation besides getting to and from the airport. Everything was very close and in walking distance from our hostel. On Friday we visited the Guinness brewery and I learned how to pour my first Guinness! Saturday was my favorite day because we went on a tour to see the Cliffs of Moher and castles around Ireland! Ireland has the most beautiful countryside and I could definitely see myself moving there. On Sunday we explored more of the city and I got to experience my first crepe! Very delicious! We also checked out a leprechaun museum which had a giant room that made everyone feel like a leprechaun! It was a great weekend and I hope that I can go back someday! But for now I am back in London studying. Feels good to be “home.” Enjoy the pictures!







Harry Potter and Oxford!

This past weekend we decided to do our tour at the Harry Potter production studios. It was amazing!!! As a child I was never very into Harry Potter, but seeing all of the beautiful props and sets that people put so much hard work into making the movies really made me appreciate it. The famous butterbeer was also very tasty! Oxford was also an amazing place that has a lot of history! I experienced my first fish and chips at a local pub that Bill Clinton used to hang out at. Along with my fish and chips I had a tasty cider made with apples and pears! Also this weekend I wrote my first paper. 😦 It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the traveling and exploring to forget you still have homework to do. The classes here are very interesting though and the tutors, or teachers as we Americans call them, are very interested in every student. Our school even threw us a small social party with our tutors to help us learn more about each other. The party was very fun! As my roommates and I are preparing for our classes this week, we can’t help but get excited about the weekend. We are traveling to Dublin on Friday! I cannot wait! My next post will be about the trip and will have wonderful pictures of Ireland!











First weekend away from home- Barcelona

Only a little over 2 weeks into our stay here in London, my roommates and I decided to take our first international trip to Spain! Barcelona had amazing weather for our site seeing filled weekend! We were able to see everything we wanted to see within the two full days we had there. We went on a walking tour which told us about the history of Barcelona and all of the old buildings. We also did a tapas tour which was our favorite! Tapas are a Spanish dish that are very small and usually come with a drink. It is more of a social event before supper time. We also got to see the famous church, Sagrada Família. All of our site seeing was beautiful and we were not ready to leave the beautiful city. But as my title states “away from home,” we have now become used to calling London “home.” We missed everyone that lives with us in London and even just the familiar accent of the Londoners. It felt great to be back. Also, today was my first class field trip! We went to one of Charles Dicken’s houses that he had lived in in London. It was very interesting and nice to see something we wouldn’t normally see. Here are some pictures of Barcelona!IMG_5381IMG_5386IMG_5408IMG_5424IMG_5448IMG_5455IMG_5466IMG_5489IMG_5514

Arrival, exploring, and school!

Now that I have been in London for one week I finally feel settled in! The flight was great, but I had a hard time adjusting to the time change. Over the weekend we explored many of the popular things in London. It is crazy how close I am to everything! My first week of classes went very well and I am excited to see what I will all learn. I live in a house with about 20 other students and we all get along great! I’ll post again soon! Enjoy the pictures!








Nervous, but ready!

I am about to embark on a world wind adventure to London for a semester and I can’t wait!!  As I’m packing to get ready, I am feeling excited and anxious for all that is to come.  I am still nervous about leaving, but I know once I get there I will not want to leave.  Be ready for much more to come!