First weekend away from home- Barcelona

Only a little over 2 weeks into our stay here in London, my roommates and I decided to take our first international trip to Spain! Barcelona had amazing weather for our site seeing filled weekend! We were able to see everything we wanted to see within the two full days we had there. We went on a walking tour which told us about the history of Barcelona and all of the old buildings. We also did a tapas tour which was our favorite! Tapas are a Spanish dish that are very small and usually come with a drink. It is more of a social event before supper time. We also got to see the famous church, Sagrada Família. All of our site seeing was beautiful and we were not ready to leave the beautiful city. But as my title states “away from home,” we have now become used to calling London “home.” We missed everyone that lives with us in London and even just the familiar accent of the Londoners. It felt great to be back. Also, today was my first class field trip! We went to one of Charles Dicken’s houses that he had lived in in London. It was very interesting and nice to see something we wouldn’t normally see. Here are some pictures of Barcelona!IMG_5381IMG_5386IMG_5408IMG_5424IMG_5448IMG_5455IMG_5466IMG_5489IMG_5514


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  1. Sarah Klucker · January 20, 2015

    love how adventurous you guys are!!! AWESOME! You must have forgotten to take Bogey along though…I don’t see his adorable little whiskers anywhere. it doesn’t seem like you got lost or anything which is amazing! did you try out your spanish speaking skills at all or meet any new people? I’m kind of anxious to hear how classes are going and what the people your with in the flat or in class are like….making those new friendships is always one of the most memorable parts of studying abroad. Campus today is cold, gray and muddy. I bought 3 snickers bars from the bookstore and paid $6.17 so I’m pretty sure they had been shipped to campus from Canada or something….bet I’m making your homesick for your real home right now aren’t I? McK misses you!!!!!

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